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Black Gold Needles Quilting Between J4960-J4963

1. Professional type polished needles with special black plating.
The special black plating on the surface allows the needle to pierce effortlessly through fabric, enablig sewing with little resistance.

2. Outstanding rust resistance
The special black plating makes Clover needles highly rust-resistance, offering even better rust resistance than conventional nickel plating.

3. Bend-resistant, break-resistant shaft
The needle shaft is stregthened by making it of carefully selected high-quality steel, quenched and tempered to maximise its material characteristics.
Designed for the optimum balance of hardness and elasticity.

Units: 6 needles / pack
Pckage Size: 15cm x 5cm x 0.3cm
Minimum order: 3 packs

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No. 9 (0.53 x 27mm), No.10 (0.46 x 25.4mm), No.12 (0.53 x 24.4mm), No. 9, 10, 12