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TULIP ETIMO Steel Crochet Hooks with Cushion Grip (TEL Series)

Tapered portion allowing users to keep their stitches even without effort. Sliding on a gentle taper makes all stitches the same size by themselves at the “d size” position. Even beginners can keep all stitches even without effort.

The ideal length of hook body makes it easy to keep all stitches evenThe ideal length, which enables users to crochet beautiful blocks when making filet crochet, has been determined after careful consideration.

Item Code Size No.
Size Pieces/Pack
TEL-00e 0 1.75mm 1
TEL-02e 2 1.50mm 1
TEL-04e 4 1.25mm 1
TEL-06e 6 1.00mm 1
TEL-08e 8 0.90mm 1
TEL-10e 10 0.75mm 1
TEL-12e 12 0.60mm 1
TEL-14e 14 0.50mm 1
TEL-15e 15 0.45mm 1
TEL-16e 26 0.40mm 1

Package Size : 28mm x 184mm x 12mm

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Box (1 piece per pack, 5 packs per box)

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Additional information

Item Code

TEL-00e, TEL-02e, TEL-04e, TEL-06e, TEL-08e, TEL-10e, TEL-12e, TEL-14e, TEL-15e, TEL-16e