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TULIP ETIMO Rose Cushion Grip Crochet Hooks

Naturally fits your hand and easy to hold, offering a smooth crochet experience.
The cushion grip gives your hand a cozy feel and lets you work with less fatigue!
The premium quality crochet hook has a comfortable cushion grip and is equipped with a
smooth hook tip making it easy to hook and pull through.

Item Code Size No.
Size Pieces/Pack
TER-03e 2/0 2.00mm 1
TER-04e 3/0 2.20mm 1
TER-05e 4/0 2.50mm 1
TER-06e 5/0 3.00mm 1
TER-07e 6/0 3.50mm 1
TER-08e 7/0 4.00mm 1
TER-09e 7.5/0 4.50mm 1
TER-10e 8/0 5.00mm 1
TER-11e 9/0 5.50mm 1
TER-12e 10/0 6.00mm 1
TER-14e 10.5/0 6.50mm 1

Package Size : 145mm x 203mm x 20mm

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Box (1 piece per pack, 5 packs per box)

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Additional information

Item Code

TER-03e, TER-04e, TER-05e, TER-06e, TER-07e, TER-08e, TER-09e, TER-10e, TER-11e, TER-12e, TER-14e