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Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch (Natural)

Osaka Ichimarni / Osaka-shi, Osaka

Woven in Kansai; dyed, processed, and sewn at a facility in Osaka; durable, light canvas tool carriers and accessory carriers. The tool carrier is an easy-to-carry, bag-style item. Paraffin is applied for a unique texture that grows, and a fit that gets more comfortable as you use it. The accessory carrier has a plump shape. Three of them can fit snugly in the tool carrier, so you can use it with compartments, as well.

Product Name
Waxed Canvas Accessory Pouch
Package Size
W170 x H120x D30mm
Weight Approx. 48g
Materials Body/Cotton(Paraffin Treatment)     Tag/Cow Leather
Snap Button/Brass

1 piece per pack
Price per unit (3 pieces)
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Unit

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