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Pincushions of Cypress and Banshu Textile (Green)

Wakayama/Hyogo Nakauchi/Katsuragi, Nara
SAITO & TEXTILE/Nishiwaki, Hyogo

The base, with its uniquely plump, round shape, is made from fragrant hinoki cypress from the Kii Mountains. The material is “Banshu weave,” produced in the North Harima region of Hyogo Prefecture. They are distinguished by their natural texture, abundance of color, and wonderful feel. The pin cushion is filled with stuffing that takes pins easily, and does not cause rust.

Product Name
Pincushions of Cypress and Banshu Textile
Package Size
W75 x H55 x D65mm
Weight Approx. 13g
Needle Size 37mm x 0.5mm
Materials Base/Wood     Fabric/Cotton 100%     Tag/Cow Leather

1 piece per pack
Price per unit (3 packs)
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Unit

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