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Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell (Pink)

Nara / Hiroshima
TOMOI / Kawanishi, Nara
Meikodo / Aki, Hiroshima

Mother-of-pearl buttons with an attractive shiny gloss and unique rainbow-colored sparkle. Flower motifs are cut from oyster shells, which are famous for nurturing pearls. They are combined with delicate golden pins made in Hiroshima, known for producing fine needles, to make these push pins. Just push them into a cork board or the wall and they look just like cute little flowers blooming. Although Kawanishi-cho in Nara prefecture is landlocked, it is Japan’s leading producer of mother-of-pearl buttons. Founded here in 1913, Tomoi continues to meet the diverse needs of the fashion industry with its delicate skills and experience. In Hiroshima, the production area for needles, Meikodo creates needles and marking pins that pass smoothly through fabric and other special pins.

The polished tips of the needles shine with the skill honed by craftsmen over many years. The push pins are developed with four traditional Japanese color dyes, white that highlights the shell’s natural brilliance, and all the colors combined in assorted colors.

Product Name
Flower Push Pins of Oyster Shell
Package Size
W58 x H25x D53mm
Weight Approx. 13g
Materials Shell Button/Oyster Shell
Needle/Stainless, Brass Plated

3 pieces per pack
Price per unit (3 Packs)
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Unit

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